Partner Highlights

ING Funds of Scottsdale

Enter ING’s office building on any day and you will see caring and enthusiastic employees hard at work!

Visit their offices in the month of September and what you witness will be events happening in the support of Children’s Cancer Newtork! They have been an energetic and caring sponsor of Children’s Cancer Network since 2009! Every year their commitment to us enhances our programs, brings more support to our families and allows the employees to have a blast in the name of service!

Wendy coordinates the month with Tina. She had a friend whose 6 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with cancer. She saw what her friend went through firsthand and the impact childhood cancer had on them. She loves what Children’s Cancer Network does for families. Tina enjoys doing these events as it is rewarding and she has been fortunate in her life. As she says, “it is gratifying to be able to give back!” As both women said, “we learn strength from these families. All of this leaves a footprint on your heart.”

ING’s efforts were extremely successful this past September! Raising over $32,000 this year for Children’s Cancer Network through their September Campaign and workplace giving, these amazing, generous and giving employees are our heroes! What a difference they make in all that they do!

Their hard work does not stop when September is over! Preparations are in full swing for ING employees to pack the 150 Children’s Cancer Network Admission Bags filled with resources and needed items for those newly diagnosed with cancer. These bags offer hope, resources and the realization that one is not alone in their fight. In addition, ING was a driving force, through their national foundation, in the planning and development of the new Children’s Cancer Network Family Resource Center. ING employees volunteer their time, energy and expertise throughout the year. Their contributions are many and their partnership is valued!

Thank you ING for leaving many footprints on our hearts and the hearts of the families we serve.